Volunteer Information

BHGS is run entirely by volunteers.  We welcome any kind of help and you can decide how much of a time you give.  Each position listed requires two volunteers to oversee.

Maintenance and Fields Coordinators 

Coordinates the maintenance of the fields and snack shack building.

(Commitment: Weekends in January and February)

Social Media Coordinators

Coordinates all social media for the league, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

(Commitment: Hour a week during the various softball seasons)

Equipment Coordinators

Coordinates the inventory and distribution of softball equipment to the teams.

(Commitment: Two Saturdays in February – One Saturday in May)

Uniforms Coordinators

Coordinates the planning, purchasing, and distribution of all uniforms for players, managers, coaches and board.

(Commitment: Several Hours in February uniform ordering, few evenings to distribute uniforms)

Snack Shack Coordinators 

Coordinates the operation of the snack shack during the spring season. The planning, purchasing, scheduling and staffing of the snack shack.

(Commitment: Spring - Weekly during the season with assistants to help)

Umpire and Safety Coordinator

Coordinates the recruiting, training (through USA softball clinics), scheduling of umpires.

(Commitment: Training weekend – Few hours each week during the season)

Special Events Coordinator

Coordinates Opening and Closing ceremonies and team photo day.

(Commitment: 3 planning meetings February, day of the events)

Hit-a-thon Coordinator

Coordinates the planning and implementation of the Opening Day Hit-a-thon fundraiser.

(Commitment: 3 planning meetings February, day of the event)

Sponsorship Coordinator

Coordinates with the team managers and coaches the recruitment of a team sponsor for each team. Coach and Player of the Year Award.

(Commitment: Meet with coaches and mangers – 6 hours  - Sponsor ads in yearbook and 1 hour sponsorship plaques.) 

Yearbook Coordinator

Coordinates the with all teams to obtain photos of the season for the yearbook, work with print company to design and print yearbook.

(Commitment: email teams and collect photos, Late April meet with printer.)

Website Coordinator

Coordinates the BHGS website.

(Commitment: October season update of website, 4 hours a month for updates)

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinates the scheduling of volunteers for the various BHGS events.

(Commitment: February -  April  2 hours week scheduling volunteers)

Division Coordinator

  • Little Hitters and 6u Division
  • 8U Division
  • 10U Division
  • 13u Division

Is the liaison in the division and coordinates with the coaches and managers on rules, questions and other concerns in the divisions.  Represents and is the liaison with the BHGS board.  

(Commitment: February to May - 3 planning meetings February, weekly check in with teams, Spring Board meetings)

Tournament/Travel Coordinator

Coordinates the BHGS summer and fall travel program and organizes the BHGS tournaments.

(Commitment: April – June 3 planning meetings,  team formations, check in with summer and fall teams)

Contact any current BHGS board member for additional information.