For those girls looking for a more competitive softball experience, Branham Hills Girls Softball has a Summer and Fall Thunder travel ball program.

Girls ages 7 to 12 are selected through tryouts.  Thunder teams compete in local and regional tournaments in the B&C levels.
Summer Thunder teams are formed from the players on the recreational teams after a tryout in late April.  Teams will play 4-6 weekend tournaments between Memorial Day Weekend and the end of July.  No tournaments will conflict with the end of the recreational season.  Summer Thunder teams usually practice 2-3 times per week, plus each weekend they aren’t playing a tournament, at Alta Vista Elementary fields.  Fees depend on the number of tournaments and can run between $200 and $500.  The coach decides the number of tournaments in consultation with the parents.
Fall Thunder teams for 10U and 12U are formed separately and those teams play from late August through the end of October.  Fall Thunder fees are typically lower because the teams play in fewer tournaments.  This is a great experience for players who are moving up to the next division to get early experience playing with the new rule sets they will have in the Spring Rec season.
For both Fall and Summer Thunder, please fill out a tryout registration form so that you'll be alerted to tryout dates and times.
If you are interested in coaching a Thunder team in any capacity, you can contact anyone on the BHGS board or fill out an application below.
In the meantime, if you have any questions about Thunder, the coaches application process, or the tryouts, feel free to contact us!

2018 Summer Thunder Teams (8U, 10U, and 12U)

The Thunder Team Selection Process

The main body of the Thunder Travel Team(s) will be named by an evaluation team. The coach is part of the evaluation team, along with other coaches, board members & appointees.  At least one member of this selection team to be someone that did not observe the girls during the season, so they would have to entirely depend on the tryouts for rating purposes. The girl’s play during the spring season will be considered during this process as well.

The girls are given certain instructions & put through a selection of drills to rate throwing, catching, hitting, etc. They are rated on each skill & those ratings are used to select the team.

After the teams have been formed, asst coaches and managers are selected by the head coach, and will need board approval.

First and Second teams
The first team will be selected by the evaluators and the head coach. If a player does not make the first team, a second team may be formed if there is enough interest and a team staff can be found.

If a player has been selected to play on the first team, they cannot opt to instead play on the second team. If they do not want to "make" the first team, they need to communicate their wishes on the application for consideration. A second team can be formed with any girls the coach wishes to place on their team. The players do not need to try out for the team. The coach of the second team does not need to take girls that didn't make the first team.

Want to be a Thunder Coach, Manager, or Assistant Coach?

If you would like to apply for a Thunder coaching position, please click on the link below:
Head Coach (One per team, selected by the Board)
Nominates Manager and Assistant Coaches (subject to Board approval) after team is selected. Determines line-ups and playing time. Organizes and runs practices and overall strategies. Is part of the team selection committee.
Manager (One per team, nominated by Head Coach subject to Board approval)
Communicates with parents. Coordinates registration with BHGS, fundraising, uniforms, tournament applications, travel plans and overall communication of practice and game schedules.
Assistant Coach (Up to 3 per team, nominated by Head Coach subject to Board approval)
Assists the Head Coach and Manager with practices and on-field game coaching and strategy.