Pledge It Instructions

Making a fundraising page is easy and only takes about 5-7 minutes. You just need to be prepared with a picture of your player and email addresses of family and friends that you would like to send it to. Please note: It is easier and quicker to set up your fundraising page with a laptop or desktop computer. We would like to have every player have a fundraising page set up, so we are offering a couple of incentives to set up a page:

  • Every player that sets up a fundraising page by March 31, 2022 will receive a $1 snack shack ticket.
  • Every team that has 100% of team players with a fundraising page made by March 31, 2022 will receive an ice cream party.

There will be PRIZES for the longest hit in each division and for most money raised. $35 in pledges gets a Hit-A-Thon T-Shirt. For every $50 you raise, you will receive one entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for a $150 Amazon Gift Card!

Some info on setting up your player's fundraising page:

To start, click on the link to get to our main fundraising page:

**Before proceeding** - If you have multiple players in the league, you must use a different email addresses for each player as only one fundraising page can be associated with an email address.

If you have one player in the league, directly click the "Join" button on the main fundraising page to get started and complete steps 1-7 below.

If you have two or more players in the league, repeat steps 1 – 7, HOWEVER, using the other player’s name and a DIFFERENT email address. If you have two or more players, do not save your password/username to your browser. With Chrome, it is difficult to get the fields to populate correctly with the right email and corresponding password.

1)     You will be asked to enter a name, email address and set up a password. It is best and easiest to set up your account with your email and set a password. There is a button to log in with Facebook, but this is not as easy to use.

2)     Enter your softball player's name during set up as this is the name that will show up on your fundraising page. DO NOT use a parent's name.

3)     Select your player’s team name from the drop down menu to connect their profile team.

4)     You will be asked how many feet to hit is your goal.
a.     This number is used when informing donors on a maximum amount that a "per foot" donation might be.
b.     For example: if you say that your goal is to hit 100 feet, then if a person gives a "per foot" donation of $1.00 per foot, then that person knows that they could pay a maximum of $100.
c.     Not sure? just put 100 feet

5)     You will be asked two different times for a photo. It is OK to just use the same photo both times.
a.     FYI -  Far more people donate if you upload a photo into the system when you register.
b.     The more people recognize the person in the picture, the longer they’ll stay on the page.

6)     There is default language already there. Personalize the message or leave as is.

7)     Towards the end of set up, you will be asked to add emails of people to send your fundraising page to.
a.     2/3 of those who get a direct email through Pledge It will actually donate.

If you have any problems or issues with setting up your fundraising page, please contact Michelle Tobin at

Note: If you have people who want to donate, but don't use the internet or are more comfortable giving cash or check, don't worry! Your Team Manager will have Hit-A-Thon fundraising envelopes that you can use for that.

Support Branham Hills Girls Softball Hit-A-Thon

A fun day of competition, raffle baskets and team pictures.

The hit-a-thon is a FUNdraiser for the league that helps provide training, equipment and field upkeep.  Collect as many pledges as you can from family and friends using Pledge It and win prizes!