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Daily Field Rain Status

Please check back here to see if a "rain day" has been called. The BHGS league as well as Union School District may cancel all field use due to excessive rain, field conditions or other conflicts.  Teams are not allowed to use the fields or blacktops during rain days.

When the weather is threatening this page will be updated by 4:00 PM on weeknights and twice on Saturdays, once by 8:00 AM for 6U and 8U games and then by 11:30 AM for 10U and 12U games.

DATE: 4/16/18

STATUS: Games and practices at Alta Vista are ON today.  The fields are firm and in good shape and the forecast is clear.


Sunset and Sunrise Information for San Jose

This link takes you to a page which shows the sunrise and sunset times by date for San Jose. Use this to plan your practices and for player pickup.