Field Preparation

To prepare the fields for a game, follow these steps:

  1. Bring out garbage cans for each field.
  2. Clean any garbage or debris out of the dugouts.
  3. Rake the infield.
  4. Measure out the correct distances for the bases either place or install the bases (according to division rules).
  5. Chalk the base lines using the measuring tape as a guide to keep them straight.
  6. Measure the distance to the pitching rubber (according to division rules) and install it by digging out a bit of dirt to make it lie flush with the field and then hammering the rubber into the ground.
  7. Chalk a circle around the pitching mound by using a nail to secure the middle of a measuring tape and marking the circle with the handle of the measuring tape, then going back around with the chalker to fill in the marked circle.
  8. Chalk the batters boxes, a circle behind the batting line and near the dugout.
  9. Chalk the coaches boxes on the sidelines.
  10. As a courtesy, bring out the bat holder and batting helmet holders for both teams.

Equipment List for Field Preparation: Rake, pitching rubber and two nails, mallet, chalker and bag of chalk (check to see how much is in the machine already), measuring tape, garbage cans.

It typically takes at least people to perform field setup and coaches or managers should arrive about  an hour ahead of game time to setup.