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Coaches are integral members on any BHGS team. They understand that success isn’t just about winning, but about the journey taken to get there. Through their guidance, influence, and determination, coaches are able to help push their players to be their very best. And in turn, create a strong, unified, and successful team.

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Coaches' Corner


Role & Responsibilities

  • Be a role model for your team and are responsible for advocating good sportsmanship.  Branham Hills expects coaches to teach our players to not only learn softball but also learn to be a good person.  Fair play and positive reinforcements should be part of your coaching style.
  • Work with Assistant Coaches and Managers
    • Assistant Coaches can help with anything needed for practices/games and also fill in as head coach if you are not available.  Also listen to your Assistant Coach for input on practices and game strategies.
    • Managers will be the main source of communication for league and team updates.  (See the Manager tab for more information)
  • Attend coaching clinics.  Coaching skill building clinics will be scheduled throughout the season. Some will be required and paid by BHGS.
  • Conduct practices with the help of assistant coaches and parents.
    • Set up practice field.  Home team (listed first) will start with the infield and need to bring out bases and pitching rubber (8U & 10U).  Halfway through switch to practicing in the outfield.  Away team (listed second) will put away equipment.
    • Break out girls into small groups and have them work in different stations (example hitting, catching, etc)
  • Have games run smoothly
    • Arrive with ample time for warm up.  Warm up are allowed in the middle of field if a game is still being played.
    • Home Team must prep field.  See field prep.  Away team will clean up if they are the last team to play.
    • Set up team lineup.  Plan your line up before the game.  10U and older will require a lineup to give to the scorekeeper and umpire.
    • Be a fair coach and let girls rotate positions. If you have girls sitting out, rotate them in so all girls play an equal amount of time.
    • Make sure all girls are picked up before you leave a game or practice.
  • Get ACE certification.  All Coaches and Managers are required to be ACE certified prior to the first practice. This is a mandatory insurance requirement for the league.
  • Help your team at the Hit A Thon - Each team staff member is asked to help line the girls up, ensure every girl hits, and measure the distance their players hit. The division reps will also be at the field to help as needed.


Coach Pete Turner Coaching Clinic BHGS


  • USA Softball Registration and Background Check
    • USA Softball Registration and a background check is required for all adults affiliated with the league including executive and seasonal board members, head and assistant coaches, team managers, and any adult on the fields or in the dugouts.
      • Chaperones are not required to complete these steps.
    • Registration and background checks must be renewed every year after January 1.
      • Please begin the process early to ensure there is no delay for your team to begin playing at season start.
    • This is a two-step process.
      • First, adults need to register with USA Softball.
      • Then after registration is complete, they need to log into the website and follow the prompts to complete a background check.  After your background check is complete, please send a copy of the email to the Umpire-in-chief at
  • ACE Certification
    • ACE Certification is a mandatory insurance requirement for the league. After completing the background check above you will then need to continue ACE certification.
  • Heads up Concussion Training 
    • Concussion training is required by USA Softball and must be completed every 2 years.