Revised September 2019
8U Fall Interleague Rules: Normal USA Softball 8U Rules/Equipment will be used, however the following modification rules will be in effect for the 2019 8U Interleague.
General Rules:
1. Game time will be 5 innings or no new innings after 75 minutes. No drop dead. Ties are allowed. 2. 10” low compression softball.
3. 4 runs per inning per team maximum.
4. No Stealing.
5. Lead off permitted on release, runner can be put out by catcher throw with no risk of player taking next base even on overthrow, so if having runners lead teach them to get back.
6. Overthrows:
a. On a throw to first base the following occurs. No batter may advance to second base as a result of an errant throw to first base. All other Runners may only advance one base past the base they are going to on an errant throw to first base with liability of being put out if the ball stays in live ball territory.
b. On a throw to any other base or position. If on a throw to any other base an errant throw occurs all runners and batter/runner may advance one base past the base they are going to with liability of being put out.
c. The umpire will only award a base to the runners if the ball has been thrown out of play. No bases will be awarded on errant throws when the ball stays in play.
d. Runner and batter/runner may be put out if they advance beyond the base they are entitled to on the errant throw. At the end of play the umpire will return all runners to the base they are entitled to if they have not been put out.
1. 10 players may be allowed on defense in the field at any one time, four of which are outfielders. Outfielders must position themselves at least 10 feet behind the baseline.
2. No Infield Fly Rule.
3. Play stops when ball hit to outfield gets in the control of the pitcher.
1. Everyone bats and free defensive substitutions.
2. No dropped 3rd strike.
3. Bunting is allowed. Exception: No bunting off coach/pitch.
1. Pitching distance: Player and Coach 30 feet.
2. Players will pitch to opposing team. 2 inning limit for pitchers, plus 1 additional if the game goes more than 4 innings. One pitch in an inning constitutes a complete inning.
3. No walks.
a. A coach/pitcher will enter the circle when 4 balls have been called by the umpire. 8U Coach can deliver pitch from inside the circle, however it is recommended that a coach pitch from one foot on the pitching plate.
b. The coach/pitcher will resume the player/pitcher strike count and will throw no more than four pitches with the umpire calling balls/strikes (if coach enters to pitch as a result of HBP, there will be no strikes on the batter)
c. If the pitch is not put into play by the last pitch, the batter is out. Exception: If the last pitch is a foul ball, pitching continues until the ball is hit and put in play or the batter is called out.
d. Batter will NOT be awarded a base on a Hit by Pitch from the coach/pitcher, Players will remain up to hit with a 0 strike count after being hit by a pitch, there is no 1B option, if a player is injured, they can be replaced and come to bat when ready (remember it’s 8U)
4. If a batted ball hits the coach/pitcher the ball is LIVE. At no time shall the coach/pitcher obstruct play, if it is determined the coach/pitcher intentionally interfered with the play the batter will be out.
5. Player/Pitcher must have one foot in the circle at the time of coach/pitcher is pitching. 6. Coach/Pitcher must stay in the circle during play and MAY NOT provide Coaching assistance.
7. After the third batter of an inning where the pitcher throws four balls to a batter, the remainder of that inning will be coach pitch so no more player pitch for the remainder of that inning.