BHGS 6U Division Rules

All rules for this division are standard ASA rules except for the following exceptions and/or clarifications

6U-1  Use a 10” safety ball (Easton Incrediball Softouch, or equivalent) for games and practices.

6U-2  Base distance is 50 feet.  On first base we use an orange safety base for the runners as well as a regular white base for the 1st base player.

6U-3  Game time limit is 60 minutes or 3 innings.  Team staff should be careful not to start an inning where both teams may not have equal turns at bat.

6U-4  No score is kept, no division standing are kept.

6U-5  The basic rules of conduct in 6U are to let the girls play, and play fairly.  The emphasis is on teaching the girls to enjoy softball.  There are no umpires for 6U play.  Base coaches make all calls. Avoid disputes. Set a good example.

6U-6  The first two games of the season, players hit the ball from a tee.

6U-7  Starting the third game, staff/pitcher may pitch to each of their own players. Only the team staff pitches.  Staff can pitch from any distance, even soft toss.  Each batter gets three pitches to hit the ball fairly.  After three pitches, bring back the tee for the batter to use. There are no strikeouts in 6U.

6U- 8  A foul ball is called if the batted ball settles outside of the foul lines before first and third bases or lands on the fly outside the foul lines beyond first and third bases.  The foul lines themselves are in fair territory.  Also, the ball must travel at least ten feet in front of home plate before it is a fairly hit ball.  Once a player touches a ball in fair territory, the ball is playable and fair.  Once a player touches a ball in foul territory inside 1st or 3rd base, the ball is called foul.

6U-9  Each side bats its entire line-up during each half inning.  The last batter in the lineup, after hitting the ball, runs around all bases. (a grand slam) Team on the field, please remain on field until grand slam hitter has run all the bases.

6U-10  Coach the runner not to leave a base until the ball is hit.  If a runner leaves early, advance the runner only to the base she is forced to occupy by the batter’s hit.

6U-11  In general, runners advance one base at a time unless the ball is hit onto the grass, in which case a double could be awarded.

6U-12  No sliding is allowed.

6U-13  All players play on defense in each inning with equal participation between infield and outfield assignments.  Make sure infielders don’t stand on bases. Coaches, watch out for possible collisions.  Be aware that players are developing skills at this level.  1st base players, in particular, should be ready and aware that a throw from the infield will be coming to them.