2022 10U Spring Interleague Council Rules (Adopted February 2022)
General Note: These rules govern all interleague play at the 10U level, regardless of the field at which the game is being played. To the extent that the home teams league rules differ from these rules, these rules take precedence and will govern play for all interleague games. For items not addressed in these interleague rules such as defensive face masks, pitching limits, minimum position playing time requirements, etc. each team will abide by their individual league rules for those matters.
1) Game time: No new inning after 90 Minutes.
2) Players: Each team may play with as few as seven players.
3) Scoring: Four runs per inning maximum through the first three innings. In the fourth inning, a team may extend their lead by four additional runs, or if trailing, score enough runs to go ahead by four. After the fourth run (or if trailing after the third inning the run that puts your team ahead by four) is scored, the play is dead, and the inning is over. A game shall be considered over when either team is leading by 10 runs after four innings.
Ex 1.: The home team comes to bat in the bottom of the fourth inning leading 7-2. They may score four runs maximum to make the score 11-2.
Ex. 2: The home team comes to bat in the bottom of the fourth inning trailing 7-2. They may score nine runs maximum to make the score 11-7.
4) Pitching Limits: In general, during the first four innings of a game, no pitcher should throw more than two innings. If the game goes to a 5th or 6th inning, a pitcher is allowed to throw one additional inning for a total of three innings in the same game. Each league has their own pitching limit guidelines as to how those limits will be measured and managed, and each team should abide by their own league rules on pitching limits.
5) Walks/Coach Pitch:
A) Two walks are allowed per half inning, after a pitcher has walked two batters in an inning, any further 4-ball count will result in Coach Pitch. The coach pitcher will inherit the strike count and may throw as many as 3 pitches, until the batter either gets a hit, strikes out, or fouls off the 3rd pitch. For clarity, if the 3rd pitch is fouled off, the player will get additional pitches until they either put the ball in play, or fail to foul off the pitch. If the coach pitcher is hit by a batted ball, it is a dead ball/no pitch. B) There is no bunting when a coach is pitching.
C) There is no stealing when a coach is pitching.
6) Hit by Pitch:
A) Hit by pitch is different than a walk, and shall not “count” toward the two walks in an inning as explained in rule 5.
B) A pitcher hitting two batters in one inning shall be removed from the pitching circle for the

remainder of that inning. A pitcher hitting three batters in one game shall be removed from the pitching circle for the remainder of the game.
C) Hit batters have the option of taking first base, or having coach pitch. If a batter chooses coach pitch, they inherit the existing count.
7) Stealing Home:
A) No steals of home will be allowed in the first half for any reason.
B) Stealing home is OK in the 2nd half of the season (After April 8, 2022 )
8) Baserunning:
A) Players may advance only one base on a steal, and may not take an additional base as a result of a throwing/fielding error.
B) When a batted ball is fielded and in play, a player may advance one additional base on a fielding or throwing error.
9) Leading Off: During player pitch, baserunners may leadoff once the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. If a baserunner leaves early, there will be one warning per team, after that it will result in an out. During Coach pitch leadoff may start once the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.
10) Sliding: Players must make an attempt to slide on plays occurring at second base, third base and home plate. Should a collision occur (or almost occur as determined by umpire’s judgment) as a result of a player not sliding, the runner may be called out by the umpire.
11) Dropped 3rd Strike:
This is not in effect for the entire IL season
12) Infield Fly Rule: The infield fly rule is not effect for the entire interleague season.
13) Slashing: Batters are not permitted to slash for the entire interleague season. This means a batter can not square around to bunt, pull their bat back and swing away. Batters may bunt at all times, except during coach pitch.
14) Outfielders: You may use as many as 4 outfielders on defense. All must start on the grass prior to the pitch.