About Emily "Scooter"



Emily “Scooter” was a part of the Branham Hills Softball family for six years before she died of cancer in the summer of 2003.  Emily played on the Green Shamrocks, the Maroon Martians, the Teal Seals, Blue Angles, Golden Angels and White Lightning.  Scooter loved to play softball and loved Branham Hills Girls Softball.

For those who knew her, Emily touched them all.  Any time she was able to play softball she did.  One game when Scooter was 8 years old, it was her turn up to bat. She just went through a full day of chemotherapy, she walked with a limp, she looked pale and sick and there she was playing softball with a huge smile on her face.  On the third pitch, she got a hit, but was not strong enough to run the bases, so one of her teammates ran for her.  When that teammate came running home, it was Emily who laughed and cheered the loudest.

Not only did Emily love softball, but everyone knew that she loved zebras.  Many days she would come to practice or a game dressed in some article of clothing that contained a zebra pattern. Whether it was a zebra shirt or zebra socks, everyone knew Emily through her zebra outfits. The league honors Emily each year by placing a zebra on the team jerseys and by holding the 8U Zebra Classic each June.

When Scooter became too weak to play softball, she would still come to the fields and help in the snack shack.  This allowed her to be with her friends.

Before she died at age 11, the league was informed that they would have to tear down the old snack shack.  Emily was worried that her friends would not have place to meet after games, if the snack shack was gone.  Scooter made us promise that a new snack shack (with bathrooms) would be build and enjoyed by all softball girls for years to come.

The Zebra fund was started to raise money to build the snack shack and 4 ½ years later Emily “Scooter” Coyne’s dream has come true.

Today we continue to enjoy the snack shack, spending time with friends new and old.  We laugh, we dance to music, and we have FUN!

Thank you to Emily’s dad Butch, mom Kris, and sisters Katie and Molly for your family’s dedication and support for so many years.

Emily, the snack shack will continually be open for business…now and for many years to come!