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Coaching Quick Links, Tips & Advice

Coaching Quick Links

Please use the following links to quickly help you in a pinch! 

Coaching Links for FREE tips and drills

Browse through some of the better websites that we have found. Always read these sites carefully and use your own best judgement on the safety and age relevance before you use of these ideas. Some of the best sites also sell stuff so beware.

If you have a great softball website that you use, send me a link and I'll check it out. We may add it here.

Mike Candrea, Team USA, Free Coaching Videos

Excellent free video instruction from Mike Candrea, Team USA Coach. Videos on all aspects of softball.

Cindy Bristow's Softball Excellence

Explore this site for tips and drills. Sign up for their free emailed tips.

Softball Drills I

Free Softball practice drills

Softball Drills II

Free Softball practice drills

More tips and drills.

One very experienced coach's thought provoking ideas and some useful stuff.

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